Nursing Home Abuse Among Residents Could Relate to Bullying Behavior

Patterns of Bullying Behavior Among Residents Could Lead to Nursing Home Abuse A recent study on nursing home abuse found that 1 in 5 residents of a nursing home, long-term care facility, or skilled nursing facility faced elder abuse in some form. While many have pointed fingers at overworked or undertrained nurses, or abusive family members, the report found that many instances of bullying … [Read more...]

Man Evicted from Nursing Home For Playing Ukulele Music

97-Year-Old Retiree Evicted From Nursing Home Because He Played Ukulele Too Much A 97-year-old former Merchant Marine evicted from nursing home facility where he resided for playing the ukulele too much. Fortunately, after learning that the elderly gentleman ended up in a homeless shelter, the community banded together to finance a new apartment in a different retirement community for him. Jim … [Read more...]

New Report Shows Which States Have Worst Nursing Home Abuse Rates

Florida-Based Advocacy Group Against Nursing Home Abuse Released Report Grading States on Performance An elder advocacy group fighting against nursing home abuse released a report on Friday, August 9th, grading states on eight different federal quality measures to see which states are guilty of the worst nursing home abuse, and which states are the best places for senior citizens. Families for … [Read more...]