Florida Man Accused of Severe Elder Abuse

Man Arrested and Charges with Elder Abuse and Neglect for Abusing 93-Year-Old Woman A man who has been caring for a 93-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday, October 12th, and charged with elder abuse and neglect after the woman was hospitalized. Charles Alexander Lyerly, 54, has been caring for the victim, 93-year-old Marion Baldwin, since 2010. He denies all elder abuse allegations. On … [Read more...]

Elderly Patients in Nursing Homes at Higher Risk of Head Injury

Head Injury Risk Greater in Elderly Patients Living in Long-Term Care Facilities, According to Study Seniors in long-term care facilities have a greater risk of falling and suffering a head injury, according to a new study. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia say that falls account for more than 60% of hospital admissions for head injury and traumatic brain injury in … [Read more...]

Owner of Florida Facility Faces Nursing Home Abuse Charges

Owner of Adult Care Home Faces Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Charges The owner of a Williston, FL care home was charged on Thursday, October 3rd, with serious nursing home abuse charges, including failure to provide beds, straining a resident with handcuffs, abusing and neglecting residents, and other crimes. Priscilla Smith Johnson was charged with false imprisonment, aggravated abuse and … [Read more...]

Regulators Attempt to Curb Financial Elder Abuse

Regulators Tell Banks Reporting Suspected Financial Elder Abuse is Not Privacy Violation On September 24th, federal regulators informed money managers and banks that reporting suspected financial elder abuse was not a violation of federal privacy laws. According to the Government Accountability Office, financial elder abuse is epidemic, draining $2.9 billion from senior citizens’ accounts in … [Read more...]

Son Charged with Elder Abuse After Mother Dies

Judge Suspends Sentence for Son Charged with Elder Abuse of Mother A Spartanburg County man has been sentenced for three years in prison, suspended to three years’ probation, in the elder abuse case involving his elderly mother’s death. George Leventis, whose mother was 104 when she died, pleaded no contest to the elder abuse and neglect charges on Wednesday, September 17th. Technically, he … [Read more...]

Nevada Couple Charged with Elder Abuse

Couple Arrested on Charges of Elder Abuse and Exploitation Reno, Nevada police report that a local couple were arrested on charges of elder abuse and exploitation of two elderly people living in their home. According to police reports, Russell Henderson and his wife Dalaiah Johnson were arrested on September 16th and charged with elder abuse, elder exploitation, and theft. The couple had two … [Read more...]

Illegal Nursing Home Operator Faces Felony Elder Abuse Charges

Woman Who Operated Unlicensed Nursing Home Faces Charges of Felony Elder Abuse On September 10th, police in Cobb County, Georgia arrested a woman on elder abuse charges after it was discovered that she ran an unlicensed nursing home in the basement of her house. The charges were recently upgraded to felony elder abuse. She turned herself in based on an arrest warrant which was issued after health … [Read more...]

Two States Reportedly Hiding Elder Abuse Problems

Oklahoma Passing Tort Reform to Limit Elder Abuse Claims’ Payouts The advocacy group Families for Better Care recently released a ranking of the 48 states in the contiguous US regarding nursing home and elder care. In the ranking, Oklahoma received a grade F for rates of elder abuse at nursing homes and in-home caregivers. “The causes for most of the lack of quality care goes back to staffing in … [Read more...]

Former Nursing Home Employees Charged with Financial Elder Abuse

Two Former Nursing Home Employees Arrested and Charged with Theft, Financial Elder Abuse Two former workers at a Perry County, Arkansas nursing home face multiple felony counts of financial elder abuse, after it was discovered that they stole money from the nursing home’s trust fund for the residents. Jewel Darlene English, 48, and Sharla Renea Christie, 35, who are both from Perryville, are … [Read more...]

Trial to Restart After Hung Jury in Felony Elder Abuse Case

Trial Against South Dakota Nurse Results in Hung Jury; Felony Elder Abuse Case Must Restart The case against a former nursing home employee will have to restart after the two-day felony elder abuse trial resulted in a hung jury. According to reports, Heather Lynn Laird, 36, physically and emotionally abused a 76-year-old resident of the Dell Rapids Nursing and Rehab Center in South Dakota. Laird … [Read more...]