Two Former Employees Face Theft, Nursing Home Abuse Charges

Alabama Nursing Home Employees Face Theft, Nursing Home Abuse Charges

nursing home abuseAs the Baby Boomer population ages, and more people not only retire but suffer serious health problems, the population residing in nursing homes is growing. Statistics show that there are often not enough trained nurses and nursing assistants in nursing homes, which can lead to emotional, physical, and financial nursing home abuse.  Whether the result of  lack of training, job related stress, or poorly-screened caregivers, nursing home abuse and neglect can and does occur.

At a nursing home in Bessemer, Alabama, two former employees face nursing home abuse charges. One of them physically abused a patient, while another stole money from a resident.

Latrice Shuntae Brown, 34, of Birmingham, a former employee of Golden Living Center Meadowland, faces charges for physical nursing home abuse according to a news release issued by the Alabama Attorney General’s office. Reportedly, Brown threw an 86-year-old patient onto a bed, which caused her to hit her head on the side table. Brown also cut the patient’s hand while trying to grab the call button from her. The patient had to go to the hospital for a hematoma in her head; the cut on her hand required stitches.

At another nursing care center, the Oak Trace Care and Rehabilitation Center, Anita Denise Miller, 49, is charged with financial elder abuse – specifically, forgery and theft of patient trust fund monies. Miller worked as a bookkeeper at the facility, and helped manage patient trust funds. Many nursing homes operate patient trust funds so that patients have backup funds if their insurance, retirement, social security, and Medicare or Medicaid fail to pay for their stay. However, financial abuse of these funds is one of the fastest-growing forms of nursing home abuse, and Miller became one of those abusers. She has been charged with 7 counts of third-degree forgery, and 3 counts of first-degree theft. Reportedly, she stole over $10,000 from the patient trust funds and forged the patients’ signatures in order to gain access to the money.

Signs of a History of Nursing Home Abuse in Your Loved Ones

Nursing home residents may suffer from physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual abuse by their caregivers (home caregivers, family member caregivers). In many cases, these elderly victims cannot communicate due to dementia or other health problems, which makes reporting caregiver or nursing home abuse especially difficult. However, your loved one may show some signs of potential nursing home abuse, and it is important to keep an eye on these problems and report them immediately.  Common signs and symptoms of abuse include:

  • bruises, welts, burns
  • unexplained fractures or other physical injuries
  • repeated accidents
  • injuries left untreated
  • references to caregiver’s temper or anger
  • nervous or quiet around caregiver
  • runs away from the home or tries to
  • has marks or scars from restraints on wrists
  • shows effects of chemical restraints such as incoherence, grogginess, excessive sleep
  • sudden fear, restlessness, anxiety
  • prevented from getting medical treatment or being alone with visitors
  • unexplained changes in behavior
  • withdrawal
  • unexplained weight gain or loss
  • sudden loss of interest in life
  • appearance of sudden demise of mental health
  • symptoms of extreme shock such as the development of tics: rocking, refusing to speak
  • isolation

The Strom Law Defends Victims of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If your loved one has physically suffered, or died wrongfully, due to neglect or abuse in a nursing home, you may have a nursing home abuse case. The South Carolina Nursing Home attorneys at the Strom Law Firm understand the sensitive nature of elder abuse cases, and will treat you with respect and compassion. It is important to fight elder abuse so you, your family, and others no longer suffer because of criminal behavior. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Contact us today for help. 803.252.4800

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