Mickey Rooney’s Legacy Highlights Financial Elder Abuse Epidemic

Mickey Rooney Survived Financial Elder Abuse, Campaigned Against the Problem Mickey Rooney passed away on April 6th at the age of 93. The famous film, television, Broadway, radio, and vaudeville star not only defined the entertainment industry for decades, starting as a child actor, but also campaigned against financial elder abuse, because he suffered from the growing abuse epidemic. In … [Read more...]

Three Nurses Prosecuted on Elder Abuse Charges Committed “For Laughs”

British Nurses On Trial For Elder Abuse - Reportedly Committed For Their Entertainment Three nurses who worked at a care facility in Lancaster, in the United Kingdom, have been taken to court on elder abuse charges. Reportedly, the three women abused patients “for laughs,” and the nursing facility covered up their abuse. The jury was told that the women targeted 8 patients in particular for … [Read more...]

Janitor and Cook Save Abandoned Residents of Home Closed Due to Elder Abuse Charges

Two Staff Members Remained to Care for Abandoned Residents After Care Facility Closed Due to State Elder Abuse Charges After the Valley Springs Manor care facility in Castro Valley, California closed due to serious state-level charges of elder abuse, the facility was abandoned by all the staff members except for one cook and one janitor, who remained to care for the elderly population. The … [Read more...]

Assistant Guilty of Nursing Home Abuse

Former Nursing Home Assistant Pleads Guilty to Nursing Home Abuse Charge A man from Randallstown, Massachusetts, will spend a year in prison for a charge of nursing home abuse after an incident last year. On Thursday, October 31st, Raphael N. Asinyang pleaded guilty to a nursing home abuse charge that alleged he hit an elderly resident of the care facility where he worked as a nursing assistant. … [Read more...]

NYC Program Trains Doormen to Help Prevent Elder Abuse

To Help Prevent Elder Abuse, Outreach Program Trains Doormen in NYC to Recognize Warning Signs A new program is enlisting and training doormen to keep an eye on elderly residents, and help prevent and report elder abuse. The program, developed by Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse and Prevention at the Hebrew Home in Riverdale, offers onsite training for and assistance to … [Read more...]

Sacramento Caregiver to Stand Trial on Elder Abuse Charges

Woman Who Ran Long-Term Care Facility Will Stand Trial on Elder Abuse Charges for Death of Resident The woman who ran “Super Home Care” nursing facility in Sacramento, California, had a 3-hour preliminary hearing for her elder abuse charges, after the death of an 88-year-old resident due to neglect. Although both sides agree that the residential facility was “neat and clean,” and that the … [Read more...]

Report Uncovers Huge Problem of Financial Elder Abuse

As More Seniors Move into Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, Financial Elder Abuse is On the Rise Although senior citizens have always been susceptible to financial elder abuse from family members or caregivers, as more elderly patients move into nursing homes, institutional financial elder abuse is becoming a much bigger problem. "These (residents) are vulnerable; the nursing home is supposed … [Read more...]

Florida Man Accused of Severe Elder Abuse

Man Arrested and Charges with Elder Abuse and Neglect for Abusing 93-Year-Old Woman A man who has been caring for a 93-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday, October 12th, and charged with elder abuse and neglect after the woman was hospitalized. Charles Alexander Lyerly, 54, has been caring for the victim, 93-year-old Marion Baldwin, since 2010. He denies all elder abuse allegations. On … [Read more...]

Elderly Patients in Nursing Homes at Higher Risk of Head Injury

Head Injury Risk Greater in Elderly Patients Living in Long-Term Care Facilities, According to Study Seniors in long-term care facilities have a greater risk of falling and suffering a head injury, according to a new study. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia say that falls account for more than 60% of hospital admissions for head injury and traumatic brain injury in … [Read more...]

Owner of Florida Facility Faces Nursing Home Abuse Charges

Owner of Adult Care Home Faces Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Charges The owner of a Williston, FL care home was charged on Thursday, October 3rd, with serious nursing home abuse charges, including failure to provide beds, straining a resident with handcuffs, abusing and neglecting residents, and other crimes. Priscilla Smith Johnson was charged with false imprisonment, aggravated abuse and … [Read more...]