Nursing Home Bill of Rights Important as Silver Tsunami Approaches

As Silver Tsunami Approaches, Understanding Nursing Home Residents’ Rights is Important Specific areas of the United States are seen as ideal retirement destinations, including South Carolina. As the Baby Boomer generation ages into retirement, and faces health problems associated with old age, many hope to move to warmer or more temperate environments to make the last years of their lives more … [Read more...]

Man Evicted from Nursing Home For Playing Ukulele Music

97-Year-Old Retiree Evicted From Nursing Home Because He Played Ukulele Too Much A 97-year-old former Merchant Marine evicted from nursing home facility where he resided for playing the ukulele too much. Fortunately, after learning that the elderly gentleman ended up in a homeless shelter, the community banded together to finance a new apartment in a different retirement community for him. Jim … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Nursing Home Abuse Suspect in Andover Charged, Pleads Not Guilty In May of this year, the family of nursing home abuse victim Donna Colcher took her case to court. Now, nursing home abuse suspect Geofrey Nyanswego has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Butler County Attorney’s Office filed one charge of felony nursing home abuse against Nyanswego in May, accusing home of mistreating an … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Death Results in Criminal Charges

Nursing Home Resident Death Leads to Indictments for Nursing Home Abuse Nine employees from the Medford Multicare Center for Living, including the facilitator’s top administrator, have been indicted on nursing home abuse charges after a resident died. The 72-year-old resident, who was required to be on a ventilator as ordered by her doctor, entered the Medford facility for temporary … [Read more...]

“Stripper Party” Leads to Elder Abuse Lawsuit

Nursing Home Sued on Elder Abuse Charges After Family Learns Home Hired Male Strippers A nursing home on Long Island is being taken to court on charges of elder abuse after a resident’s son discovered that his elderly mother had been subjected to a “stripper party,” which the facility planned for its residents. The lawsuit was filed with the New York State Supreme Court on March 13th, and … [Read more...]

Security Director at Nursing Home Accused of Burglary, Elder Abuse

Security Director for Los Angeles-Area Nursing Home Arrested on Financial Elder Abuse and Burglary Charges On March 26th, the security director for a Los Angeles-area nursing home was arrested on burglary and elder abuse charges after reports that he broke into residents’ rooms and stole from them. Michael Glen South, 57, has been linked to several burglary complaints in the nursing home, … [Read more...]

Fatal Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Two Lawsuits for Facility

New York Facility Faces Criminal and Civil Charges for Felony Nursing Home Abuse Seven workers from a nursing home in Medford, New York were charged on Tuesday, February 11th with felony nursing home abuse and neglect charges related to the death and subsequent cover-up of a patient at the facility. The same day, a civil lawsuit was also filed against the facility. Attorney General Eric T. … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Fined for Neglect after “Dumping” Navy Vet

Iowa Nursing Home Fined for Neglect and Abuse After Kicking Navy Vet Out for Unpaid Bills A nursing home in Des Moines, Iowa has been fined for neglect and patient abuse after releasing a seriously ill Navy veteran to live on his own because he was unable to pay his care bills. John Chedester, 65, “was, for all practical purposes, dumped by the care facility into a vacant apartment,” said David … [Read more...]

Report Uncovers Huge Problem of Financial Elder Abuse

As More Seniors Move into Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, Financial Elder Abuse is On the Rise Although senior citizens have always been susceptible to financial elder abuse from family members or caregivers, as more elderly patients move into nursing homes, institutional financial elder abuse is becoming a much bigger problem. "These (residents) are vulnerable; the nursing home is supposed … [Read more...]

Hospice Nurse Faked Cancer to Swindle $30,000 from Friends and Co-Workers

A hospice nurse in Colorado is accused of faking cancer in a plot to gain thousands of dollars from supporters and friends. Jennifer Risa Stover told friends and co-workers that she was battling uterine cancer. She was able to swindle them out of more than $30,000. Co-workers believed they were giving the money to Stover for her experimental treatments and mortgage. One co-worker even gave … [Read more...]