Sacramento Caregiver to Stand Trial on Elder Abuse Charges

Woman Who Ran Long-Term Care Facility Will Stand Trial on Elder Abuse Charges for Death of Resident

Elder Abuse Charges

The woman who ran “Super Home Care” nursing facility in Sacramento, California, had a 3-hour preliminary hearing for her elder abuse charges, after the death of an 88-year-old resident due to neglect.

Although both sides agree that the residential facility was “neat and clean,” and that the victim Georgia Holzmeister was content there, Silvia Cata will still stand trial on elder abuse charges. Holzmeister died in June 2012 after developing huge, gaping bed sores that led to serious infection. The only way for those sores to develop, prosecutors allege, was over a very long period of time, which means her caregiver, Cata, was neglecting the patient. Geriatric specialist Dr. Kathryn Locatell testified at the hearing that Holzmeister’s “devastating, foul-smelling” bedsores would have taken days or weeks to develop, and should not have gone unnoticed by caregivers.

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Ernest W. Sawtelle found sufficient evidence for Cata to be tried on felony elder abuse charges and manslaughter.

The manslaughter charge is believed to be the first for California state prosecutors in an elder abuse case. In addition to the felony counts, there are two special allegations, stemming from the lawsuit filed by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, that Holzmeister suffered great bodily injury, and that specific neglect led to her death.

Cata, 53, was arrested on elder abuse charges in February of this year.

“It’s tragic she (Holzmeister) died, but it was not Mrs. Cata’s fault,” Cata’s defense attorney, Linda Parisi, said after the hearing. She told reporters that her client is actually a “very kind and loving woman,” who ran a care facility in her home for many years. She often took pictures of parties that she threw for her elderly residents.

Holzmeister lived in Cata’s home since 2007, after her family realized they could no longer care for the woman by themselves. The patient suffered from Alzheimer’s, and was degenerating beyond what untrained care could offer. A long-time family friend found Cata’s “Super Home Care” facility and recommended the long-term facility to the family.

Cata’s house was licensed by the State Department of Social Services to house up to 6 residents. According to the department, Cata’s home – a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, or RCFE – was cited at least 40 times since 1996 for violations, including 26 Type A deficiencies, which are the most serious violations under state care facility regulations.

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