Son Charged with Elder Abuse After Mother Dies

elder abuseJudge Suspends Sentence for Son Charged with Elder Abuse of Mother

A Spartanburg County man has been sentenced for three years in prison, suspended to three years’ probation, in the elder abuse case involving his elderly mother’s death.

George Leventis, whose mother was 104 when she died, pleaded no contest to the elder abuse and neglect charges on Wednesday, September 17th. Technically, he entered an Alford plea, meaning that he did not admit guilt in the case but concedes that the prosecution has evidence which could lead to a guilty verdict.

Repotedly, Judge Keith Kelly downgraded the elder abuse charges to probation because Leventis was otherwise a “loyal, committed, ideal son.” The defendant also suffered a series of his own health problems, appearing in court with the aid of a walker. His lawyer claimed that Leventis neglected his own health for years to care for his elderly mother. A few years ago, he spent a week in the hospital and his mother, then 100, visited him every day. He decided to forego surgery so that he could still be capable of physically caring for his mother.

However, the elder abuse charges began when a home health care nurse reported Demetra Leventis’s condition to the Spartanburg Public Safety Department. Despite a checkup on October 15th, 2012, in which the doctor said Demetra “appeared to be in as good a condition as you can be at that age,” by December 4th when a home health nurse was called in, conditions had changed. The nurse reported the house to be “deplorable,” and said she saw flies swarming around Demetra, and that the elderly woman had bedsores the size of a fist, crawling with maggots.

Demetra Leventis was removed from the home and hospitalized, but died a week later. Reportedly, body ulcers and infection related to neglect were secondary causes of her death.

Despite having plenty of food in the house, the woman’s condition was worsened by malnutrition, according to hospital doctors.

“It appears that he just quit taking care of his mother,” Deputy Solicitor Derrick Bulsa said.

“This is something that happened, it was uncontrollable, unavoidable, not something that he did intentionally or by neglect … It just happened because the perfect storm came into place,” Pete Diamaduros, Leventis’s attorney, told the judge. No doctors notes from several doctors’ visits suggested that Leventis was abusing or neglecting his mother’s care, and in fact, when she developed a bedsore just before her death, Leventis contacted his mother’s doctors and followed their instructions to the letter. However, the bedsore worsened, despite prescriptions and advice.

The Rev. George Nayfa with St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church addressed the court in support of Leventis. Nayfa said he had known Leventis and his mother for 20 years.

“In all the years I’ve known them, he has sacrificed for his mother, but never regretted it … that was his life,” Nayfa said. “I know how much he loved her.”

Still, the judge found Leventis responsible for some of the elder abuse and neglect charges, but lightened the sentence.

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