Severe Elder Abuse Sometimes Caused by Caregivers

California Woman, Caregiver, Pleads No Contest to Serious Felony Elder Abuse On Tuesday, August 19th, a woman from Salinas, California pleaded no contest to felony elder abuse, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office. Daisy Yolanda Ramirez, 42, was hired as a caregiver for the victim in 2009. Emergency responders, including police and firefighters, responded numerous times to … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Rapist Convicted on Felony Elder Abuse

Former Nursing Home Employee Convicted on Felony Elder Abuse and Rape Charges A former nursing home employee in Ohio was convicted on felony elder abuse charges after an incident at a facility in November 2013. Samuel Onyenweaku, 22, was convicted on felony elder abuse charges, rape, and felonious assault, after the nursing supervisor discovered his illicit actions in a 92-year-old resident’s … [Read more...]

Male Nurse Wanted for Elder Abuse Found in Canada

Male Nurse Wanted for Felony Elder Abuse Found Working in Canada A former male nurse with a warrant for felony elder abuse and lewd conduct with a patient in San Diego has been found in Vancouver, Canada. Russell Torralba, 41, was taken into custody on January 9th by Canadian Border Services Agency staff after receiving a tip from the US Marshall’s Office. Torralba had been working illegally in … [Read more...]

AG Abandons Felony Elder Abuse Case After Hung Jury

Attorney General Decides Not to Seek Retrial After Hung Jury in Felony Elder Abuse Case Felony elder abuse charges in 2012 led to two nursing home workers going to trial after a resident died within 13 days of moving into the facility. However, a jury in California failed to reach a verdict, and the Attorney General’s office has decided not to seek a retrial. The case involved Johnnie Esco, who … [Read more...]

Illegal Nursing Home Operator Faces Felony Elder Abuse Charges

Woman Who Operated Unlicensed Nursing Home Faces Charges of Felony Elder Abuse On September 10th, police in Cobb County, Georgia arrested a woman on elder abuse charges after it was discovered that she ran an unlicensed nursing home in the basement of her house. The charges were recently upgraded to felony elder abuse. She turned herself in based on an arrest warrant which was issued after health … [Read more...]

Trial to Restart After Hung Jury in Felony Elder Abuse Case

Trial Against South Dakota Nurse Results in Hung Jury; Felony Elder Abuse Case Must Restart The case against a former nursing home employee will have to restart after the two-day felony elder abuse trial resulted in a hung jury. According to reports, Heather Lynn Laird, 36, physically and emotionally abused a 76-year-old resident of the Dell Rapids Nursing and Rehab Center in South Dakota. Laird … [Read more...]