Hospice Nurse Faked Cancer to Swindle $30,000 from Friends and Co-Workers

A hospice nurse in Colorado is accused of faking cancer in a plot to gain thousands of dollars from supporters and friends. Jennifer Risa Stover told friends and co-workers that she was battling uterine cancer. She was able to swindle them out of more than $30,000. Co-workers believed they were giving the money to Stover for her experimental treatments and mortgage. One co-worker even gave … [Read more...]

Cost of Long-Term Care Significantly Increases

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Recently, the Metlife Mature Market Institute released its annual survey of the cost of long-term care services, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day programs, and home care. And the results were anything but cheap. Overall, provider costs rose far faster than the rate of inflation. The only exceptions were home care services, … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Patient Falls After Staff Ignores Her Calls

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers According to a lawsuit filed in Florida, a nursing home resident fell and broke her wrist when she tried to get out of bed after the staff did not respond to her calls for assistance. The victim says that the licensees and operators of the nursing home are directly responsible for her continued pain and limited mobility. The patient, who was … [Read more...]

SC Receives $11.25M to Improve Patient Care

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers The Duke Endowment recently issued Health Sciences South Carolina, a South Carolina health care group with a $11.25 million grant to improve patient care through data collection. Health Sciences South Carolina is a statewide biomedical research organization comprised of several hospital systems and three universities. Dr. Iain Sanderson, Health … [Read more...]

Strom Law Firm Nursing Home Task Force

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Founded by former U.S. State Attorney Pete Strom in 1996, the Strom Law Firm has been fighting elder abuse cases for 15 years. The nursing home abuse lawyers at the Strom Law Firm take an aggressive approach to confronting the kind of egregious misconduct found in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. We represent elderly clients and families who have … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Myths

Strom Law Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers 1) If I can’t take care of myself at home, is a nursing home the only option? Nowadays, there are several options to help older adults to stay at home.  Services range from assistance with shopping and laundry to caregiving and visiting home health services. If home care is no longer a feasible possibility, other options, such as assisted living, may be a … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse: Bill of Rights in SC

Many patients and their families are unaware of their rights under South Carolina law. Nursing Home residents have the right to quality care and treatment, and the very basic right to be treated with care and compassion. All assisted living homes must place a list known as the patients bill of rights where all individuals can see it. Generally, these rights will include: Medical rights – … [Read more...]

When the Doctor Is to Blame: Medical Malpractice

Wrongful Death or Negligence May Result From Malpractice, Instead of Nursing Home Negligence The case of wrongful death or injury of elderly residents could be the result of malpractice, instead of negligence or abuse. Experienced attorneys have learned how to evaluate, gather facts and apply the law in establishing blame, should any exist. Below are common factors of medical malpractice in … [Read more...]

Signs of Elder Abuse: Warning Signs

Protecting the Rights of Nursing Home Patients in South Carolina If you have ever been forced to place a love one in a patient care facility, you know that the decision of when and whether to place a loved one in a nursing home or residential care facility is an emotionally and mentally draining decision that many times leaves you second guessing yourself. Long before you are forced to make that … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Patient Awarded $91.5 Million

(Charleston, WV) - The family of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and several more conditions, obtained $91.5 million in damages from a Nursing Home in West Virginia The victim was a resident for approximately three weeks.  The Staff failed to feed and care for her appropriately which led to her death one day after moving to another facility. The … [Read more...]