Nursing Home Patient Awarded $91.5 Million

(Charleston, WV) – The family of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and several more conditions, obtained $91.5 million in damages from a Nursing Home in West Virginia

The victim was a resident for approximately three weeks.  The Staff failed to feed and care for her appropriately which led to her death one day after moving to another facility.

The lawsuit claimed that while the woman was living with her son, her  health had improved to the point where she could walk, speak and recognize family members.

However, when she was checked into the Nursing Home, the residents confined her to a wheelchair saying she was a fall risk.

The family’s attorney claimed that the facility did not have enough staff to correctly care for the woman and the other patients.  Some former Nursing Home employees also testified that caring for all of the residents was an impossible task.

By: South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Pete Strom