Nursing Home Patient Falls After Staff Ignores Her Calls

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According to a lawsuit filed in Florida, a nursing home resident fell and broke her wrist when she tried to get out of bed after the staff did not respond to her calls for assistance.

The victim says that the licensees and operators of the nursing home are directly responsible for her continued pain and limited mobility.

The patient, who was originally transferred after a hip replacement, called for assistance so that she could use the restroom.  Despite pressing the  the call button for an extended  period of time, the staff did not respond.

The patient then attempted to rise out of bed and use a portable toilet that was next to her bed.  Unfortunately, she fell to the floor as soon as she put weight on her hip.

As a result, she suffered a broken wrist and pain in her lower back.  She also says she was yelling for help for quite some time before a nurse came to assist her.

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The lawsuit says the patient now has limited mobility and cannot participate in normal behavior without severe pain and discomfort.  The victim is seeking more than $15,000 in damages for permanent or continued pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, expenses, and loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life.

By: South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Pete Strom 

Source: Schwartz v.Regents Park

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