Nursing Home Abuse: How to Prevent

Reducing Elder Abuse in South Carolina

The promise of a place that offers care and safety for you or a loved one is what nursing homes and long-term care facilities are supposed to deliver. And too many do not. We can no longer go about our lives believing family or friends are well cared for by their paid caregivers. Here’s how you can reduce risk of neglect for your loved one:

1. Evaluate the Long-Term Care Facility. Watch for nursing homes, long-term caregivers, and assisted living facilities in South Carolina that place profits before patients. Review the following factors at least once a year (as management and facility operations change).

  • Is the staff qualified and adequately trained? Poorly trained staff is a big risk factor that leads to abuse, neglect, exploitation and even theft.
  • Does the facility investigate staff history violence or drug use? Ask for confirmation and notice of new hires.
  • Are there adequate numbers of staff employed at all times? Negligence can occur unintentionally by honest, professional caregivers because of their day-to-day situation. They cannot reasonably keep up with demands because the facility is not hiring appropriately.

2. Make routine contact to monitor your friend or family member’s well-being. Phone, in-person or even e-mail and skype can help you stay in touch with the person’s condition.

  • Is your friend or family member isolated from outside contact or from other residents? Isolation adds to risk of neglect or abuse.
  • Is the resident routinely asked about conditions at the facility? It’s well known that seniors are reluctant to report abuse out of embarrassment or fear. Or trying to not be a bother.

3. Report any suspicions to South Carolina’s Adult Protect Services.Reporting suspicions of elder abuse is not an accusation. It’s a request for authorities to investigate the facility. It is the first step to rule out or establish conditions for abuse or neglect. If Adult Protective Services have not found any violations, and you still suspect elder abuse, neglect or exploitation, consult a legal professional in nursing home abuse.

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