Woman Uses Surveillance Camera to Capture Nursing Home Abuse

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Through surveillance footage, a woman was able to capture the abuse of her mother at the hands of nursing home caretakers.

Jane Worroll used an alarm clock with a built in camera to capture workers, physically and emotionally abusing her mother  over a two day period, at Ash Court nursing home in North London.  Worroll became suspicious when she noticed bruises in the shape of finger-marks on her mother’s upper arms and swelling of her mother’s knee. When Worroll confronted the nursing home staff about the bruises, they allegedly stated that bruises were the result of taking low-dose aspirin and the swelling was due to her mother’s arthritis.

Worroll also became suspicious of the home, when her mother ceased to speak and became increasingly introverted. When her mother spoke, she only responded with simple “yes” or “no” answers. At one point Worroll asked her mother if she was okay, and her mother replied “no”.

Worroll became enraged when she found out that caretakers were repeatedly denying her mother’s request to not eat certain foods. When Worroll told them that her mother did not like pasta, or sweet tea, the staff simply put a sign on the door stating, “No fish pasta or tea”. Her mother also requested to only be seen by female staff due to her modesty. At one point Worroll recalls seeing a male caretaker, by the name of Jonathan, entering into her mother’s room.

As Worroll was about to reach her breaking point, she set up the surveillance camera to determine exactly what was taking place. Worroll was horrified at what she saw. The footage showed two female caretakers manhandling her mother, as her mother cried out in pain. The abuse didn’t stop there. Worroll continued to watch the footage and found Jonathan Aquino, the male caretaker, entering her mother’s room. Aquino tugged at her mother’s clothing. He then proceeded to shove her mother, roll her on her side, and swing back and slap her mother against her thighs. Aquino continued slapping Worroll’s mother around her thighs and face, again and again.

Aquino was eventually arrested. Police continued to investigate the nursing home, but turned up no new evidence.

Worroll’s mother was eventually placed in another nursing home. Worroll now monitors her mother 24/7. There is a sign on her mother’s door stating “Anyone who enters this room will be captured on film”.

As for Aquino, he was sentenced to 18 months in jail for actions.

Worroll’s horrific story was aired on BBC’s “Panorama: Undercover”.

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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