Father’s Death Could Lead to Felony Elder Abuse Charges

Man Could Face Felony Elder Abuse Charges After Smothering Father A Florida resident is accused of attempted murder, and could face additional felony elder abuse charges, after trying to suffocate his terminally ill father in a nursing home on Monday, July 28th. Steven B. Curtis, 58, has been formally charged with assault, attempted murder, menacing, and disorderly conduct. Allegedly, Curtis was … [Read more...]

Man Evicted from Nursing Home For Playing Ukulele Music

97-Year-Old Retiree Evicted From Nursing Home Because He Played Ukulele Too Much A 97-year-old former Merchant Marine evicted from nursing home facility where he resided for playing the ukulele too much. Fortunately, after learning that the elderly gentleman ended up in a homeless shelter, the community banded together to finance a new apartment in a different retirement community for him. Jim … [Read more...]

Financial Elder Abuse through Trust Funds is Too Common

Former Nursing Home Worker Charged with Financial Elder Abuse Through Trust Funds A nursing home administrator at a skilled nursing facility in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, was charged with financial elder abuse through trust funds on Tuesday, July 15th. Roberta Donaldson, 67, a resident of Enid, OK, worked as the administrator for the Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa. Per the probable cause … [Read more...]

Sexual Elder Abuse of Older Women Underreported

New Study Suggests Older Women Face Sexual Elder Abuse More Than Reported An Australian study suggests that older women face more sexual elder abuse than is reported, in part because older women are seen as “asexual” and therefore not the targets of sexual abuse. Norma’s Project looked into the prevalence of sexual elder abuse among older women, and the report was published on Monday, July 7th, … [Read more...]

Former Bookkeeper Convicted on Charges of Financial Elder Abuse

Former Nursing Home Bookkeeper Guilty on Charges of Financial Elder Abuse A bookkeeper for an Alabama nursing home has been convicted on charges of financial elder abuse after being charged for stealing money from residents. Mary K. Nowell, 49, pleaded guilty on Tuesday, July 2nd, to charges of theft of patient funds from the Evergreen Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Conecuh County, … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse Lawsuits Allowed Against Arizona Hospitals

Arizona Supreme Court Rules that Hospitals are Not Exempt from Elder Abuse Lawsuits On Monday, June 30th, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that hospitals in the state can be sued in elder abuse lawsuits under special measures passed to protect senior citizens from elder abuse. In a unanimous decision, the justices said that senior citizens can face elder abuse anywhere, not just by a caregiver in … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Owner Faces Medicare Fraud Charges, Other Federal Charges

Ohio Nursing Home Owner Faces Medicare Fraud Charges, Theft, Abuse The owner of a nursing home in Zanesville, Ohio has been arrested on 39 criminal and federal charges that were uncovered by a patient abuse investigation, including Medicare fraud charges. Steven L. Hitchens, 58, was indicted on Thursday, June 26th on multiple federal charges including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Rapist Convicted on Felony Elder Abuse

Former Nursing Home Employee Convicted on Felony Elder Abuse and Rape Charges A former nursing home employee in Ohio was convicted on felony elder abuse charges after an incident at a facility in November 2013. Samuel Onyenweaku, 22, was convicted on felony elder abuse charges, rape, and felonious assault, after the nursing supervisor discovered his illicit actions in a 92-year-old resident’s … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Nursing Home Abuse Suspect in Andover Charged, Pleads Not Guilty In May of this year, the family of nursing home abuse victim Donna Colcher took her case to court. Now, nursing home abuse suspect Geofrey Nyanswego has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Butler County Attorney’s Office filed one charge of felony nursing home abuse against Nyanswego in May, accusing home of mistreating an … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Death Results in Criminal Charges

Nursing Home Resident Death Leads to Indictments for Nursing Home Abuse Nine employees from the Medford Multicare Center for Living, including the facilitator’s top administrator, have been indicted on nursing home abuse charges after a resident died. The 72-year-old resident, who was required to be on a ventilator as ordered by her doctor, entered the Medford facility for temporary … [Read more...]