Family Files Elder Abuse Lawsuit Against Caregiving Agency

Elder Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Caregiving Agency The family of a 99-year-old man in Staten Island, NY has filed an elder abuse lawsuit against the caregiving agency and three home health aides whose negligence caused his death. The five children of Peter Mazza, who died from injuries sustained while under the negligent care of one of his home health aides, have filed an elder abuse lawsuit … [Read more...]

Financial Elder Abuse Fastest Growing Crime in America

Financial Elder Abuse Fastest Growing Crime As Elderly Population Grows A new study from the Journal of General Internal Medicine shows that financial elder abuse is the fastest growing crime in the United States. According to Adult Protective Services, 60% of their cases involve theft of money or property from an elderly person. Most cases of financial elder abuse unfortunately involve an … [Read more...]

Alabama Woman Charged with Nursing Home Abuse

Former Caregiver Charged with Nursing Home Abuse for “Slapping Around” Patient A former caregiver at a Hoover, Alabama nursing home has been charged with nursing home abuse for “slapping around” a bed-ridden 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. Taneka Kiera Hopkins, a 28-year-old Pinson resident, has been charged with second-degree elder abuse. Investigations into the potential nursing home abuse … [Read more...]

Medicare Star Rating System for Nursing Homes Fails Patients

Medicare Star Rating System Not An Accurate Measurement of Nursing Home Quality The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has offered a Medicare star rating system, in the style of hotel ratings, for nursing homes for the past five years. Only one-fifth of the United States’ 15,000 nursing homes achieve a 5-star rating from Medicare, suggesting that the rating system has exclusive … [Read more...]

SC Woman Charged with Nursing Home Abuse

Woman Charged with Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect When selecting a South Carolina Nursing Home for a loved one, you want to ensure that the loved one is safe.  Despite your best efforts, abuse can and does happen. Recently, a Summerton, SC resident was charged with nursing home abuse and neglect after investigations uncovered her abuse while working at a nursing home in Sumter, South … [Read more...]

Many Facilities Fail to Report Incidents of Nursing Home Abuse

Senior Care Centers Often Fail to Report Incidents of Nursing Home Abuse A new report from the inspector general for the US Department of Health and Human Services shows that skilled nursing and senior care centers often fail to report incidents of nursing home abuse that occur within their facility. Federal regulations require nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Charges for Stealing Medication

Tech Faces Nursing Home Abuse Charges for Stealing Medication from Patients A nursing home worker in Rochester, NY has been charged with nursing home abuse for stealing medication from numerous patients and substituting similar-looking pills, rather than the patients’ necessary prescriptions. Deborah Cleveland, a Rochester resident, was a medication technician at the Heather Heights Assisted … [Read more...]

Severe Elder Abuse Sometimes Caused by Caregivers

California Woman, Caregiver, Pleads No Contest to Serious Felony Elder Abuse On Tuesday, August 19th, a woman from Salinas, California pleaded no contest to felony elder abuse, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office. Daisy Yolanda Ramirez, 42, was hired as a caregiver for the victim in 2009. Emergency responders, including police and firefighters, responded numerous times to … [Read more...]

Telemarketing Scams Are Financial Elder Abuse

Complaints Against Telemarketing Companies Allege Financial Elder Abuse and Telemarketing Scams In 2013, two of the most serious consumer complaints were elder abuse and telemarketing campaigns, with telemarketing scams often the root cause of many cases of financial elder abuse. A report by the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators asked 40 … [Read more...]

2nd Care Facility Death Leads to Nursing Home Abuse Investigation

Second Death at Skilled Nursing Facility Leads to Nursing Home Abuse Investigation A nursing home abuse investigation is underway for potential nursing home abuse or neglect after the facility experienced its second patient death. In June this year, employees at the Medford Multicare Center were charged in the death of another patient in the same unit – Aurelia Rios, 72, from Central Islip, who … [Read more...]