Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Turns to Bankruptcy Trial

Family Members Seeking Justice in Nursing Home Abuse Case Face Shell Companies and Fraud, Now Turn to Bankruptcy Trial The family of a Florida woman who died in 2003 has spent over 10 years trying to win a lawsuit they filed against two nursing home companies, alleging serious nursing home abuse and neglect that led to the woman’s death. Juanita Jackson was 76 years old when she died in July … [Read more...]

Woman Faces Charges After Elderly Patient Found With Bed Sores

Massachusetts Woman Faces Felony Elder Abuse Charges After Patient Suffers Hypothermia, Severe Bed Sores A woman who worked in a Boston-area rehabilitation facility is facing a serious charge of felony elder abuse after one of the patients in her care was found in a tiny basement room, covered in bed sores and nearly frozen. The 75-year-old victim was discovered in an 8-by-10 foot basement room … [Read more...]

Pet Parrot Aids with Elder Abuse and Neglect Case

Police in the Town of St. George found a ninety-eight year old woman after she was left to die by her daughter. WisTv reported that the woman was found inside her home with multiple bed sores on the left side of her body lying in her soiled bed. They suspect she had not been turned in over a week. Unfortunately, the woman died the next day. Police found several dogs and cats in the home which … [Read more...]