Orangeburg Middle School Teacher Accused of Elder Abuse

elder abuseMiddle School Teacher Faces Elder Abuse Charges for Abusing Her Mother

A Middle School teacher who worked at Bethune-Bowman is accused of serious elder abuse for physically and psychologically abusing her elderly mother.

Tracy Brown, 44, has been a math teacher in the Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 system for 17 years. She has been charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult and released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. Judge Barney Houser ordered her to have no contact with her mother.

Brown reportedly turned herself in to police shortly before the hearing. Afterward, she was booked into the Orangeburg County Detention Center on elder abuse charges.

Brown’s mother was put in protective custody this past week, after authorities concluded an investigation into potential elder abuse, and decided that the 70-year-old’s injuries were not accidents.

According to reports, caregivers contacted authorities on August 1st after the woman was brought into a health care facility for treatment of a broken arm and large bruise on her face, which Brown told health care workers was the result of a fall.

On August 8th, caregivers at the health care facility said they noticed Brown’s mother writing in a notebook, “I will not touch Tracy stuff.” They said they found a notebook in the woman’s possession that dated back to July 14, which was full of similar lines, reading “I will leave Tracy stuff alone.” When asked about the lines, the elderly woman replied, “My daughter told me to do it.”

A few days later, on August 12th, the caregivers noticed new bruises and scratches. At that point, they notified police of their suspicions. Later, they called authorities after they noticed new bruises on the woman’s cheek, a busted lip, blood-shot eye, and scratches on her arms. When asked how the injuries occurred, she answered that her daughter had struck her in the mouth after she had an “accident” in the bathroom.

Another worker said that at one point, when she came by to pick up the elderly woman from Brown’s home, a woman was waving a broom handle in her mother’s face. The mother asked the caregiver not to say anything about the incident, because Brown only did that “to scare her.”

Reports state that the elderly woman repeatedly pleaded with health care workers to not tell anyone about the elder abuse, because she had been living with her daughter for the past three years, and her daughter was all she had for support.

Actions to Take Against Elder Abuse

An act of abuse, neglect or exploitation of an older person might give rise to one or all of the following types of proceedings:

  1. an investigation and finding by an adult protective services agency or the regulatory agency for nursing homes (in South Carolina it is the Department of Environmental Control);
  2. a civil cause of action for damages; and/or
  3. a criminal prosecution.

These three types of proceedings have different objectives: the objective of a protective services investigation is to provide immediate help and relief to the victim and prevent further harm; the civil action is to seek compensation for damages; and the criminal prosecution is when the state seeks to punish the harmful conduct.

Call to report suspected mistreatment in:

Find resources and learn more: Visit South Carolina’s office of aging Ombudsman site. The site provides reports and access to records on long-term care facilities as well as the residents’ Bill of Rights.

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