3 Actions to Take Against Nursing Home Abuse

3 Actions to Take Against Nursing Home Abuse

There are several ways in which nursing homes can be held liable for injuring others as a result of their negligenceabuseexploitation, false imprisonment, or violations of criminal statutes, as well as violations of regulations pertaining to their licensing, maintenance, and general operation.

An act of abuse, neglect or exploitation of an older person might give rise to one or all of the following types of proceedings:

  1. an investigation and finding by an adult protective services agency or the regulatory agency for nursing homes (in South Carolina it is the Department of Environmental Control);
  2. a civil cause of action for damages; and/or
  3. a criminal prosecution.

These three types of proceedings have different objectives: the objective of a protective services investigation is to provide immediate help and relief to the victim and prevent further harm; the civil action is to seek compensation for damages; and the criminal prosecution is when the state seeks to punish the harmful conduct.

The nursing home abuse lawyers at the Strom Law Firm can evaluate your situation at no charge. During a no-fee case evaluation, we’ll explain which of the above proceedings you can pursue and why.

By: South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Pete Strom